Sea level pressure (black lines) and geopotential height at 500 hPa (solid colours), next Sunday at 00 UTC.. Credit: MeteoSIM.

Sea level pressure (black lines) and geopotential height at 500 hPa (solid colours), Sunday at 00 UTC.. Credit: MeteoSIM.

10.06.11. I’ve got good news for fair & hot weather lovers. Lets go with the weather forecast for the Costa Tropical of Granada!

Synopsis: after several unsettled weather episodes affecting to the Costa Tropical in the last weeks, I have very good news for the fair & hot weather lovers!. In this way, the Azores High has come back to its common location, close to the islands and, from there, it will keep clean the sky over our region, by Saturday at least. Then, we will enjoy of a very nice weekend. Lets go with the details:

Tomorrow: it will be a very nice day, with few or no clouds in the sky during all the day. Wind will blow from N at first hours, along the coastal-line above all (nocturnal breeze regime, land to sea air flux). With the pass of time, wind will tend to abate. It will tend to turn to S in general since midday, blowing weakly. Along the coastal-line wind will probably blow from SW (diurnal breeze regime, sea to land air flux), which will abate at night.


Sea surface temperature (coastal waters): 20ºC

Sunday: the day could begin with some banks of low clouds, affecting to the coastal-line above all. In this way,  western winds have caused a fall of the sea surface temperature in the Alboran Sea. At the same time, a warm air advection is coming from north Afrika. The interaction between both elements could result in those banks of low clouds. After that, Sunday will be a sunny and warm day. Wind will blow in a similar pattern than Saturday, with a breeze regimen (N at night & early in the morning; S inland and SW along the coast-line, in the afternoon).


Sea surface temperature (coastal waters): 21ºC

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Non-official weather forecast developed by Pedro C. Fernández. Based on several weather runs outputs. The Weather Station of Salobreña – Beah, provides its data online on Internet: It is sponsored by “Freiduría ‘El Rey del Boquerón’” Restaurant, Hostal Palomares ** (, “El Forajido” Restaurant (, the Patisserie/Ice-Cream parlor “Delicias del Rey Fernando”, the exclusive Clothing Store BOHEMIA, and Mª José Parapharmacy (in front of the Mercado Municipal), all business of  Salobreña.

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